Photo by Chad Koenen
The finishing touches are being put on a new automatic car wash that will soon open at Mills Car Wash. 

Mills Car Wash to open in the  near future with new option

By Chad Koenen


Having to get out of your vehicle to get a car wash is so last year—or at least that’s the hope for Mills Car Wash owners Scott and Noah Olds.

The new owners of the car wash on Miller Street took over last fall, and are in the process of installing an automatic car wash in the two stall facility. While one stall will continue to offer the conventional manual car wash at Mills Car Wash, the east stall is being outfitted with an automatic car wash. 

“This is a new venture for us. We have learned a lot about it over the past few months,” said Noah Olds of owning a car wash.

The idea of installing an automatic car wash came after the Olds heard about the desire of community members to have an automatic car wash. The automatic car wash will be in the stall closest to Subway and will allow residents to wash their car without even leaving their vehicle. 

“It was being talked about in town and the city was pushing to put in an automatic car wash in town. We weren’t sure if it would fit, but it did.”

Noah Olds

The finishing touches are being put on the new car wash and it is expected to be opened later this month. 

While the father and son duo are from Detroit Lakes, they have been frequent visitors to NY Mills as they own a used car lot in Detroit Lakes. That car lot is what eventually led them to the car wash industry, when Olds’ dad stopped at Subway in NY Mills one day after attending a car auction in town. 

“He was sitting in Subway and saw it so he looked it up online,” said Olds of his dad who was in town to attend the auto auction at Mid State Auto Auction. “He came to me one day and said do you want to buy a car wash.”

Mills Car Wash is located on Miller Street, right next to Subway.