Boat manufacturer, city sign purchase agreement

By Chad Koenen


The City of New York Mills has agreed to a purchase agreement to sell the city shop to Brunswick. 

According to city clerk Julie Roberts, the two sides have signed a purchase agreement to sell the city shop and city-owned land around the shop, for $370,000. As a result, the city will be relocating the city shop to another location in town as it develops a long term plan for where a new shop can be located.

The City of NY Mills and Brunswick have been discussing the sale for several months after the NY Mills boat manufacturer approached the city to see if it would ever consider selling the shop and land to allow for future expansion. In the past, Utilities Manager Kyle Mattson said Brunswick has expressed a desire to take over the city shop and land as soon as early to mid summer. 

Currently the city’s shop is located adjacent to the expansive boat manufacturing plant. The city currently owns 4.8 acres of land near the city shop with existing infrastructure in place. The two sides had previously agreed to a letter of intent in April.