Volunteers sought to read the Bible from start to finish

By Tucker Henderson

Contributing writer

For a whole week, starting June 20, the Bible will be read in its entirety for the second year in a row in New York Mills. The Bible Reading Marathon will take place in Mike and Judy Malone’s front yard at 12 West Gilman Street and everyone is invited to read and to listen.

Bible Reading Ministry International (BRMI) was started by Bonnie and Jesse Roediger with the first marathon in Carroll County, Ark., in February of 2010. Jesse and Bonnie linked in with a Bible reading movement that has spread across the country and become an international occurrence. These marathons can be found all the way from Gorkha, Nepal to Kibaha, Tanzania and recently, in small town New York Mills.

The mission of BRMI is to “increase the body of believers in Christ, nurturing unity by declaring and exalting God’s word to fill the needs of people in all nations.” By reading the Bible in public, they aim to “change the spiritual atmosphere through God’s word.” 

This year’s Bible Reading Marathon will consist of individuals or groups of people coming together to read the Bible for 15 (or more) minute increments. The reading will start at the beginning with Genesis 1:1 and will continue until the last verse of Revelations. This takes around ninety hours which will be broken down into more manageable lengths of time during the week. Organizer, Sandi Bentley, encourages everyone to come out and participate by reading and listening as long as their schedule allows.

A few outcomes of the marathon are uniting the community around the Bible, honoring God publicly, and guiding those who participate through scripture. This opportunity provides a chance for Christians to rally around the Biblical story and to witness to those who don’t share their faith. All church affiliations are welcome along with those who have no home church or Christian affiliation.

Participants can sign up at www.BibleReadingMarathon.org under “NYM Sign Up Here.” If you have any questions or would like to be involved you can contact Sandi Bentley at (218) 686-9680.