A total of 22 East Otter Tail County 4-H youth showed livestock at the Minnesota State Fair recently. 

Youth who have completed sixth grade through a year past high school and earned a State Fair trip with their animals at the County Fair were eligible for this opportunity to show their animals at the state level. 

The hard work that these youth put into working with their animals all year paid off when they earned blue, red and even many champion ribbons at the State Fair.

Livestock Results

Britney Loerzel – Purple Ribbon Registered Simmental Junior Yearling

Tayden Soma- Blue Ribbon Registered Black Angus Cow/ Calf Pair

Breanna Bunkowski- Blue Ribbon Commercial Beef Junior Yearling 

Kaislyn Bunkowski- Reserve Champion Shorthorn Steer

Alyvia Bunkowski- Blue Ribbon Registered Black Angus Summer Yearling

Braeden Malone- Blue Ribbon Registered Holstein Aged Cow

Brielle Malone- Purple Ribbon Jersey 2-year-Old Cow

Brandt Malone- Blue Ribbon Red and White Aged Cow, Champion Total Merit Red and White Cow

James Minten- Blue Ribbon Grade Holstein Summer Yearling

Joie Koll- Red Ribbon Registered Holstein Winter Calf

Conrad Koll- Red Ribbon Registered Holstein Winter Calf

Creed Mursu- Red Ribbon Ayrshire Senior Yearling

Caylee Seedorf- Blue Ribbon Brown Swiss Calf, Reserve Champion Total Merit Brown Swiss Heifer

Lucey Minten- Red Ribbon Junior Yearling Meat Goat Breeding Doe

Reed Koll- Blue Ribbon Chickens- Brown Egg Layers

Arewen Dobratz- Purple Ribbon Chickens- White Egg Layers

Gabriel Thompson- Purple Ribbon Mini Lop Senior Doe

Micah Thompson- Purple Ribbon Mini Lop Senior Buck, Blue Ribbon Livestock Demonstration

Izak Schermerhorn- Champion White and Speckled Face Commercial Yearling Ewe

Dixie Dykhoff- Champion Registered Dorset Ewe Lamb

Rowland Dykhoff- Champion Registered Other Breeds Yearling Ewe, Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Ewe

Moriah Geiser- Champion Registered Columbia Yearling Ewe

Non Livestock results

Two weeks ago, 16 East Otter Tail County 4-Hers participated in State Fair judging with their non-livestock projects. These projects were displayed in the 4-H Building on the State Fairgrounds throughout the 12 days of the Minnesota State Fair. 

Youth who earned a State Fair trip with a project at the County Fair were eligible for this opportunity to showcase their learning at the state level. 

Jacob Menze- Blue Ribbon Corn

Eva Blashack- Purple Ribbon Constructed Garment, Blue Ribbon Fashion Revue

Myrissa Guenther- Purple Ribbon Fashion Revue

Kara Kostohryz- Red Ribbon Demonstration

Isaac Blashack- Blue Ribbon Electric

Adyn Shepersky- Blue Ribbon Exploring Animals

Hannah Siepker- Purple Ribbon Fine Arts

Nathan Blashack- Blue Ribbon Food and Nutrition

Jaeger Schmitt- Blue Ribbon Health

Kyra Haman- Blue Ribbon Quilt

Sara Mindermann- Blue Ribbon Quilt

Breckin Foley- Red Ribbon Shop

Hannah Larson- Blue Ribbon Exploring Animals

Arewen Dobratz- Blue Ribbon Exploring the Environment

Natalie O’Day- Purple Ribbon Fine Arts

Isaac Geiser- Blue Ribbon Food and Nutrition