Otter Tail County has announced the hiring of Lynne Penke Valdes as Deputy County Administrator. 

“Under our new structure, Lynne will lead and provide support for various departments including the Health and Wellness Team, Probation, and GIS, as well as work directly with the Long-Range Strategic Plan and other project initiatives,” said Nicole Hansen, County Administrator. “I am excited about the experience and energy that she will bring to Otter Tail County, which will benefit the agency as well as our community.”

Valdes grew up in Wendell and attended school at West Central. She studied at Fergus Falls Community College (MState) and transferred to the University of Minnesota to earn her liberal arts degree. In 2010, she returned to higher education to pursue a master’s degree in Information Systems. Valdes has maintained her many ties to the area through family and friends and staying at their lake home near Dalton. 

“We love to explore. Otter Tail County is a wonderful place to be outside and to participate in community activities,” said Valdes. “Being a part of a community-through kids’ activities, volunteering or participating in events-is core to who I am. The warm and inviting welcome has been incredible.”

Valdes has served the public in local government for over 20 years. Her expansive career has demonstrated effective organizational management as she brings a breadth of skills to Otter Tail County. She has a passion for collaboration and has

The Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners recently approved the reorganization of its structure. The county was formerly organized under divisions led by division directors. In 2021, the structure has been organized into teams with a deputy administrator leading each team of departments. Valdes will lead the Health and Wellness Team.