Annual trade show to be canceled for new activities

By Chad Koenen


The annual New York Mills Civic and Commerce trade show has been canceled. 

Due to waning attendance and participation from vendors in recent years, the NY Mills C&C membership decided to cancel the annual trade show.

“The biggest thing is the membership just felt like it wasn’t the most beneficial way to provide a benefit to our members and the businesses due to the increase cost to it and the lowering attendance,” said New York Mills C&C president Latham Hetland. 

The NY Mills annual trade show was canceled in both 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was held annually at the NY Mills School, and in the past had around 120 vendors. The last time the NY Mills C&C held a trade show there were approximately 60 vendors and the attendance itself was about half as much as in years past.

Hetland said the NY Mills C&C has created a committee that will attempt to create new events that will allow for socializing, promotion  of local businesses and provide fun experiences for the community in the near future. 

If anyone has suggestions or ideas for new community events they should contact Hetland at 385-2300.