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The New York Mills knowledge bowl team of Aubrey Barthel, Lucy Wallgren, Isaac Geiser, Alana Koljonen and Brienna Honer took second place at a recent meet.

The New York Mills Junior High Knowledge Bowl team voyaged to their final meet of the year on Wednesday, Nov. 17. 

In the season finale, the two NY Mills teams competed against nineteen teams from Ashby, Park Christian, Chokio-Alberta, Hancock, Brandon-Evansville, CGB, Browns Valley and Rosholt.

The Eagles Trivia Masters finished their written round in fourth and seventh place respectively. NY Mills Nickel (Emily Deyong, Ellie Scheidecker, Eli Aho,  Alex Mack and Dylan Selander) held their room and put it on cruise control and finished the day in seventh place. 

New York Mills Nutmeg (Aubrey Barthel, Lucy Wallgren, Isaac Geiser, Alana Koljonen and Brienna Honer) jumped up into the 1-2-3 room for rounds 2, 3 and 4. The team faced some of the toughest competition of the year and held their own. The team finished in second place, just four points from the first place ribbon that was taken home by Ashby. 

“Both teams should be proud of their seasons,” said Coach Will Grieger. “They all came as rookies in October, and all are leaving as seasoned veterans with quality placings. The future for New York Mills Knowledge Bowl is bright.”