Education foundation awards 10 grants in NYM

By Tucker Henderson


Ten educational grants were recently awarded to New York Mills teachers for requests ranging from new books to field trip funds. The New York Mills Education Foundation’s contributions, totaling $4,535, will be put towards the following causes:

• Fifth grade teacher, Lisa Stroeing, was awarded a grant for Maud Hart Lovelace award-winning books. Once a student reads three or more of these books, they will have a chance to vote on a winner.

• Family and Consumer Science teacher, Trina Saewert, will be receiving funds to purchase kitchen equipment for her classroom for culinary lessons.

• Adele Esala, RTI teacher, requested supplementary reading materials for both K-2 students and also materials for 3-6th grade students.

• Band Director, Cambria Jacobs, has received a grant for an assistant instructor for the summer of 2022.

• Alli Dornbusch, second grade teacher, will be receiving social-emotional growth lessons for her classroom for all students to utilize.

• Thanks to Laurine Braukmann and elementary principal, Judith Brockway, second-grade through sixth-grade students will be able to participate in the Principal’s Book Club.

• A field trip to Chanhassen Dinner Theatre will take place thanks to funds provided to Junior Arts teacher, Rachel Dockter. Students will be able to attend a showing there while learning about performing arts.

• Grant funds for sensory bins have been awarded to Kindergarten teacher, Bridget Weller. Sensory bins are containers filled with various materials with different shapes, textures, colors, etc. to stimulate a student’s senses.

• Multicultural literature materials will be provided for high school English teacher, Nikki Braaten, for her classroom for all students to learn and enjoy.

• A collection of outdoor adventure books will soon arrive to third-grade teacher, Jared Hotakainen’s classroom for students to read about the great outdoors.

The New York Mills Education Foundation has been raising funds for local teachers since May of 2017. 

Their mission statement is: “Our objective is to work closely with teachers, administrators, stakeholders, and the school board to ensure funding is used in a way that benefits all students.  Funding is distributed to New York Mills educators through a grant application process.”