By Tom Hintgen

Otter Tail County Correspondent

Scott Andrew Oppegard, 39, of Dalton, will avoid incarceration at the prison in St. Cloud if he remains law abiding for five years.

Oppegard was found guilty after a felony charge of fifth degree drug possession. The judge issued a court ruling on Dec. 13, 2021.

There will be local confinement in the county jail, Fergus Falls. Oppegard already has served 21 days of local confinement. 

He was ordered to begin local confinement no later than Jan. 13, 2022, and has the option of work release. This option does, however, have rules and policies as stipulated by the county sheriff’s department.

Oppegard was arrested on the drug charge on Jan. 15, 2021. He is responsible for court fees that total $275.

The judge also ordered Oppegard to complete a chemical assessment and follow all recommendations of the assessment.

Perham woman receives

Stay of Adjudication

Samantha Lee Ann Yiltalo, 30, of Perham, will have a felony charge for wrongfully obtaining public assistance stricken from her record if she remains law abiding for five years under supervised probation.

Under a Stay of Adjudication, while the probation is going on, this is a pending case, the same as being charged and awaiting trial. Once probation is over the case will be dismissed.

The judge made this ruling on Dec. 20, 2021. Restitution is part of the ruling. The defendant has the option of the court establishing a payment plan. The restitution total is $15,624.

Yiltalo agreed to cooperate with her probation agent with the random searches of her residence, vehicle, workplace and property.