Schwantz honored as 500th joint recipient at TCHC

Laure Laughlin of Wadena was randomly drawn from over 650 contestants and won the $500 prize from Tri-County Helath Care.

The orthopedics team at Tri-County Health Care recently completed their 500th joint replacement. The orthopedics team reached this milestone just three years after adding the full-scope service. 

Carla Schwantz discovered she was the 500th joint recipient when she scheduled her bilateral knee replacement surgery. Previously, she had her hip replaced by the orthopedics team.

Schwantz received several gifts from Tri-County Health Care for being the special recipient. Currently, she is recovering from her knee surgery and attending regular physical therapy appointments. Additionally, the event kicked off a company-wide celebration complete with a unique commemorative logo and branded shirts.

Tri-County Health Care hosted a “Celebrate 500” joint replacements giveaway contest to coincide with the surgery. Tri-County Health Care patients, old and new, entered a random drawing for a $500 prize. The winner of the Celebrate 500 contest is Laure Laughlin of Wadena. She was randomly drawn from over 650 contest entries.

Ben Robertson, M.D., is the orthopedic surgeon that conducted the 500th joint replacement. He was ecstatic to find out his team hit the much-anticipated milestone. “It is really exciting to celebrate our 500th total joint replacement. I am proud to be a part of this team of great people at Tri County Health Care that have all worked so hard to build this program of excellence in joint replacement. We are privileged to be able to take care of so many great patients, and we will continue to provide the highest level of care,” said Dr. Robertson.

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