Contributed photo

The New York Mills School paraprofessional were recognized for their work in and out of the classroom during the statewide paraprofessional appreciation week from Jan. 24-28. School paraprofessionals include: Sitting: Erin Guck, Deb Faysak, Emily Roggenkamp, Jenna Skoog, Rhiana Roberts, Harley Wurst and Annika Frost. Standing: Maureen Baymler, Adele Mann, Rickee Anderson, Tressa Leaders, Alicia Page, Denise Kupfer, Maria Bachim, Dawn Barvels, Corrine Meech, Creedan Dunrud, Renae Gunkel, Josie Smith, Michaela Smith, KayAnn Kahilainen, Cindy Delaney, Lacey Schik, Julie Witt and Bev Witt. Not pictured: Katherine Dittmann, Rachel Lausten and Erin Friedsam.