By Chad Koenen


Local residents will have an opportunity to weigh in on a potential annexation of land that sits just adjacent to the New York Mills city limits.

During its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday night, the NY Mills City Council approved scheduling a public meeting on Tuesday, March 8 to discuss the potential annexation of what is commonly referred to as Newtonville. There are 36 properties being discussed by the city council for potential annexation, which are mostly located along South Walker. 

Over the course of the past few months the city council has heard a presentation from Ehlers concerning the potential financial impact for properties located in Newtonville. Past studies have shown about half of the proprieties will see either no change in the amount of money they are paying for taxes and utilities or just a slight change. The city would benefit by getting more residents into the city limits, though it will need to maintain South Walker moving forward. The city will also receive a slight increase in revenue as well. 

The residents who are being annexed would also need to comply with zoning regulations for future development and the city would gain the head count of these households for the census and future per capita allocations. By annexing all 36 properties in Newtonville, the city’s net impact on city revenue would be a positive $5,827. That would include an increase in the city’s tax base, while also decreasing in the premium price residents in that area pay for city utilities. 

The city council said the meeting will be a chance to get feedback from property owners who could be impacted by a potential expansion, before making a decision about whether to proceed with annexation or not. 

In other news

• Heard the liquor store report for the month of January, which showed that gross sales were down 3 percent from last year. The net revenues were also down 3.2 percent from last year. In 2021 the on-sale bar was closed for a portion of the month due to COVID-19, which led to a higher amount of off-sale liquor being sold during the month than compared to this year.

• Heard that the fire department responded to 21 calls for the month of January. Most of the calls were of the medical kind, while there was one motor vehicle accident the department responded to as well. During the entire year of 2021, the fire department responded to 45 fire calls, 187 medical calls and 22 motor vehicle accidents. The 254 calls the department responded to was the most in at least 10 years. 

• Heard the police department responded to 91 calls of service in January and issued three citations and made one arrest. 

• Approved the hiring of Faith Schaefer as a new police officer, pending a background check. 

• Approved the hiring of Jason Hotakainen as a new public works maintenance employee. The hiring committee interviewed three candidates and unanimously recommended the hiring of Hotakainen for the position.