State meet set for April 24-26 in Minneapolis

By Tucker Henderson


As spring reveals fields, pastures, and farmyards around the area, New York Mills FFA students are gearing up for the Minnesota State FFA Convention which will be held April 24-26 in Minneapolis, Minn.

Teams that qualified include Nursery Landscape, first place: Haley Korkowski, Grace Brasel, Kadance Brauch, and Morgan Guck; Milk Quality, second place: Alayna Baune, Irene Mursu, Kaitlyn Geiser, Moriah Geiser, Dixie Dykhoff; Fish and Wildlife, second place: Rowland Dykhoff, Braxton Ehnert, Austin Geiser, Brayden Ehnert, and William Oakes; and Meat Evaluation, second place: Ashton Lehmann, Izak Schermerhorn, Ayden Muscha.

Two seniors, Irene Mursu and Moriah Geiser, have spent a considerable amount of time in the program, having both begun five years ago while in eighth-grade. Mursu mentioned that she is looking forward to the shows and activities that are available, before the opening ceremonies at the state convention.

“They have super cool music and fun activities to do,” said Mursu. She also expanded upon the lessons that she has learned over the years.

“I learned to be loud and proud about what you say. It’s about getting younger people involved and being more enthusiastic about FFA and to be a role model to (younger) kids,” said Mursu.

Geiser, being a seasoned FFA member, said that she is “comfortable” going to state this year. She also mentioned that she is looking forward to spending time with her friends in the NY Mills chapter and others at the convention.

Out of 17 students from NY Mills attending the state convention this year, a whopping 15 of them are underclassmen. Kaitlyn Geiser is one of those underclassmen and expanded upon what she has learned while in FFA.

“Teamwork! You have to realize that you’re not going to be the only one who’s going to know that answer. You have to be able to rely on (teammates),” said Geiser. 

She listed off what she thought were some of the most important things she has learned in FFA: communication, public speaking, and being able to talk with people of all different backgrounds.

Grace Brasel has never experienced going to state for FFA, so excitement runs high when she thinks about what’s coming in April.

“It will be my first time going,” Brasel said. 

Brasel added that she’s looking forward to the novel experience. Working together with her teammates and study sessions are among her fondest memories in FFA.

Building relationships and gaining new friends are on the top of Kadance Brauch’s list of her favorite parts of the program. She’s looking forward to meeting new people at the convention and experiencing the opening ceremonies.

“I have really great kids who work very hard at their contests. I have high expectations for a couple teams that have done well in the past,” said FFA advisor, Brian Schornack. “Overall I’m excited for these students to show off their knowledge. Students will also be able to participate in different leadership workshops and make connections to other FFA members across the state.”