By Chad Koenen


The City of Deer Creek’s reserve in the general fund increased slightly in 2021, as did the sewer fund.

During its regularly scheduled meeting last Monday night, the Deer Creek City Council heard from Dean Birkhead, of Carlson SV, about the city’s 2021 year end audit. As part of the audit, the city council heard that receipts exceeded disbursements and transfer outs by $63,905. The fire department nearly broke even, while the city’s water fund lost about $13,000 last year. That loss in the enterprise fund was offset by just over $15,000 in profit from the sewer fund last year.

In addition to a closer look at each fund, the city also heard about several findings in the audit, which included a lack of segregation of duties and internal controls in the city. Birkhead said 97-98 percent of city’s Carlson SV completes audits on have a similar finding as it would be cost prohibitive to hire enough staff to get rid of the finding. He credited the city council for taking necessary steps to review revenue and expenditures to make sure there are as many internal controls as possible.

The city council credited city clerk/treasurer Tom Parish for the work he completed in order to get the audit completed and keeping the city’s finances in good order last year. 

In other news

• Approved a transfer from the general fund to the fire department fund for fire assessments for 2021 in the amount of $10,334.66.

• Accepted a donation of $3,000 from the Deer Creek Lions Club for support of the Deer Trails Day celebration.

• Accepted a donation of $100 from the Deer Creek Lions Club to help with the transfer of children to summer rec through Friendly Riders.

• Approved a proposal from Bolton and Menk for submission of a Water System Improvement to the Public Facilities Authority.

• Heard a concern from a local resident who lives on Main Ave. about his water line being frozen at the curb stop. The council agree to approve reimbursement of approximately $187 for necessary equipment to access water while his line was frozen. The council said it will look into finding out why the water line froze and see if a permanent solution can be determined as this has happened in the past as well.

• Heard that by October 2024 the city will need to have an inventory of all of the lead and copper service lines in the city limits. In order to check for lead and copper lines, the city will need to physically inspect every home. Kovar said the city’s engineering company has discussed hiring an intern that could be used to complete the expansive project. 

• Heard that the City of Deer Creek received a certificate of commendation for its wastewater treatment facility operations. The award was given by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.