Saewert is the first female wrestler from New York Mills to qualify for state

By Tucker Henderson


Photo by Tucker Henderson
Greysen Saewert, Chavez Cannon and Ella Saewert qualified for state wrestling tournament in Rochester, Minn. All three wrestlers attend New York Mills Elementary School.

A new page in history is being written at the New York Mills school as second grader Ella Saewert advancesd to the state wrestling tournament taht was held at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minn. from April 1-3.

Saewert is the first female wrestler to qualify for state in New York Mills history. She follows in the footsteps of her brother, who has been wrestling since he was four years old. As a three-time qualifier for state, Greysen Saewert looks forward to having his sister competing alongside him this year. Their parents, Logyn and Trina Saewert, have been rooting him on since pre-kindergarten. This year, they will be rooting for both of their young atheletes.

“I was pretty happy (to qualify) and I thought it would be fun because usually it’s just me up there and now I have two more people to have with me,” Greysen commented. 

The other wrestler he referred to is Chavez Cannon, a classmate of Ella’s.

Cannon is the son of Pat and Keranna Cannon and has been wrestling for three years. He qualifed at the New London-Spicer tournament and secured second place and the opportunity to advance to state. 

“I figure that I’m going to have tough matches. The only people that qualified were in first, second, and third place.” 

Chavez Cannon

He said that he was “really happy” to qualify. His two teammates will be alongside him, rooting him on.

“I’m looking to have some fun and also some good competition up there,” said fourth grader, Greysen Saewert. “Also getting to learn some new stuff from the kids I’m going to wrestle.” 

Saewert qualified in the Bemidji tournament and also secured second place. Having wrestled for five years, Saewert knows what to expect when he arrives in Rochester. Though he is used to the stiff competition, his sister is a first-time qualifier, so he will be modeling good sportsmanship for the younger athelete.

“I wonder how many girls will be inspired by you to go out and wrestle,” Ella’s brother, Greysen, told her. “At first, I don’t remember seeing any girls wrestle, now I see them on the mat all the time.” 

Ella has accomplished a lot in her first year in the sport.

“I was just so proud of myself for making it that far my first year,” said Ella Saewert. 

She said that placing in the competition is what she’s most looking forward to. It wasn’t a shock to Saewert that she was the first female athlete to qualify for state in New York Mills.

“I’m the only girl that goes to wrestling practice,” she said. Although girls wrestling is an expanding sport, wrestling is not traditionally a sport of female atheletes. Saewert is pioneering her way through that glass wall, however, and has found her niche in a sport that she loves.

“I like (wrestling) because it looks like a competition,” she said. She explained that wrestling is nothing new to her, as she has been wrestling with her brothers at home for years.

“Ella decided to wrestle this year and they both (Ella and Greysen) get to wrestle on Saturday, and hopefully on Sunday,” said Trina Saewert. “It’s a fun experience—both for them and for the family.”