The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources cautions state forest road and trail users to watch for flooding and damage in the northern third of the state as a result of recent spring rain and seasonal snow melt.

Before traveling on state forest roads, users are urged to check the state forest road closure page of the DNR website and proceed with caution even if roads are listed as open.

“Some areas of northern Minnesota received heavy rain last weekend and more rain is forecasted for this weekend. With ground conditions still frozen, we’re finding several forest roads completely under water, and others with washouts and culvert failures,” said Matt Huseby, roads program coordinator for the DNR Forestry Division. “The vast nature of our state forest road and trail system coupled with rapidly changing flood conditions may mean users will encounter flooding and damage before we’re aware of it. So, users should be alert for unsafe conditions and use caution.”

To stay safe on state forest roads and trails:

• Don’t travel on flooded roads. Hazards can be hidden under floodwater.

• Obey forest road and trail closures and signs. Don’t drive around barricades.

• Pay attention to vehicle weight restrictions.

• Report unsafe conditions to the local area DNR Forestry office.

For information on road and trail closures, visit the state forest road closure page. New closures are added as conditions warrant. Temporary road and trail closure information is updated weekly on Thursdays by 2 p.m. Temporary closure signs also will be posted at entry points and parking lots. Roads that can handle vehicle traffic during the spring thaw will remain open but might have vehicle weight restrictions.