The New York Mills trap team took first place by 6,557.50 points and will receive a first place team trophy when they go to the state championship. Not only did NY Mills score the highest points in their conference, we scored the highest points in their “Class 5A,” which is out of 32 schools.

Class 5A, Conference #2 Standings:

Rank     High School Week 5 Scores; Total Scores

#1 – New York Mills: 5,786.50; 30,031.00

#2 – Spring Lake Park: 4,878.00; 24,473.50

#3 – Rockford: 4,923.00: 22,193.00

#4 – Triton: 4,112.00; 21,608.00

#5 – St. James: 3,433.50; 17,558.50

#6 – Parkers Prairie: 2,866.50; 14,179.50

#7 – Plainview-Elgin-Milville: 2,684.00; 13,974.00

#8 – Northern Freeze: 2,192.50; 9.647.50

Megan Riedel also took first place for “High Gun Female” in NY Mills’ “conference” and will receive a first place conference medal when she goes to state.  

Other team members who made the Top 25 list in our “conference” were:

Ten males:  Nathan Fischer – ranked 8th, Jacob Guck and Bode Roberts – both ranked 9th, Jack Peeters and Simon Snyder – both ranked 11th, Sawyer Wedde – 13th, Cody Barthel – 15th, Braeden Peterson and Henry Oakes – both ranked 22nd and Will Oakes – 24th. 

Seven females:  Megan Riedel – ranked #1, Jaida Newborg – 6th, Kailey Keskitalo – 7th, Kelsey Knickrehm – 10th, Izzy Nesland – 13th, Kaitlyn Geiser – 14th and Kaydi Mursu – 18th  

Head coach Tom Kotarski congratulated the entire team and said achieving the rank of first place isn’t easy and it was won by “everyone” on their team. Each and every week the league counted their top 31 scores from the team to achieve the final points—the results speak for themselves and the Eagles have a great team.

The trap team will be celebrating their first place accomplishment during their fun night on Thursday, June 9, before heading to the state championship in Alexandria on Friday, June 17. 

The NY Mills trap team finished their regular season with three perfect rounds of 25 straight shots by Sawyer Wedde, Will Oakes and Bode Roberts. 

Top five scores for the week

48 – Derek Gibble and Will Oakes – High Guns of the week!

47 – Sawyer Wedde

46 – Henry Oakes and Bode Roberts

45 – Simon Snyder

44 – Nathan Fischer, Jacob Guck, Braeden Peterson, Megan Riedel and Xander Wedde

Kotarski also wanted to congratulate the eight seniors who will be leaving the team after the season including: Cody Barthel, Jacob Guck, Kelsey Knickrehm, Jack Peeters, Braeden Peterson, Megan Riedel, Braxton Saewert and Sawer Wedde. They definitely will be missed, and that leaves at least eight openings on the team for next season.

The seven MVP’s of the “team” and award winners for having the top 5 highest averages on the team are:

23.10 Average – Nathan Fischer – “Top Gun” and High Gun Male

23.00 Average – Jacob Guck and Bode Roberts

22.90 Average – Jack Peeters and Simon Snyder

22.80 Average – Sawyer Wedde

22.60 Average – Cody Barthel

Megan Riedel has won the “team” High Gun Female award with a 22.5 average.