New York Mills EDA looks at repairing building

By Tucker Henderson


The New York Mills EDA met at their regularly scheduled meeting last Wednesday morning to discuss city development opportunities.

Chairman Jason Schik confirmed that all outstanding loans are up to date. Construction on a new home in the Country View addition is ongoing. 

The city closed on the building at 110 South Main (formerly Southside Grocery). Discussion ensued on how best to go about needed repairs. An idea to utilize Community Partnership Grant funds for the repairs was suggested. It was decided the quotes for several options for repair would be sought out.

Latham Hetland offered an update on NY Mills 2025. He said that ideas for new businesses in the area are so abundant that a large list has been brainstormed by the committee. They would like to get ideas out to the public via social media. They are still waiting to hear back about the Rise Grant.

City clerk Julie Roberts updated the board on the South Point addition. A plat and survey is being worked on to close on the “large parcel” in that area. Phase I includes selling a larger lot and two lots on the south side of the road will be platted. 

A lengthy process remains, while the plans need to be sent to the County Engineer, a public hearing will need to be held, and other details hammered out to move forward.

Betsy Roder mentioned that the Big Build by Otter Tail County is coming along at a fair pace. She said that the new apartment building in Perham and the potential apartment complex in NY Mills would further help complete the goal of 5,000 homes added to the county.

Roberts gave an update on the Newtonville annexation. She said that letters have been sent out by the city attorney and residents are now in the 90-day window for appeal. If an appeal is not made, the city can move forward with annexing the properties.

In other news

• Heard that the new owners of Subway started on August 18.

• Heard that the Cenex carwash is moving forward without problem.

• Heard that there is a pending sale on the former bakery building on Main Street.

• Heard that the City Center building will have a space opening after Public Works moves offices.

• The next EDA meeting will be held September 21 at 8:30 a.m. at City Hall.