By Tom Hintgen

Otter Tail County Correspondent 

A county resident, on Sept. 2, reported to sheriff deputies that she fell victim to a scam with a familiar scenario of “pay the bail in order to get your daughter out of jail.”

The county resident, sadly, fell for the scam and is out $9,500.

Deputies say that some people fall for this type of scam attempt while many others do not. 

A scammer calls a would-be victim to say that a child or grandchild is in jail, often in danger, and bail money needs to be sent right away. Oftentimes the money ends up in the hands of scammers.

Senior citizens, most often, are the ones who fall victim to these scam attempts. 

Sheriff deputies say these are clever schemes because they tap into people’s emotions. County residents need to be on alert to these types of phone calls. 

One quick way to know this is a scam is when the county resident asks some personal information and the caller seems to be nervous on the other end of the line. Hang up and call the county sheriff office.

Lake cabin theft

Sheriff deputies, on Sept. 4, reported the theft of fishing items from a cabin owner’s property at Marion Lake, southeast of Dent.

Items reported as missing included several fishing rods, a trolling motor, fishing tackle and a fishing graph from a boat. The boat was on the owner’s lift at the lake.

Traffic accidents, mishaps reported

Sheriff deputies reported that a motorcycle driver, while riding Sept. 3 along Fort Thunder Road near Perham, felt dizzy, lost control and sustained an injury. He was taken to the hospital in Perham.

One driver was injured on Sept. 4 in a two-vehicle accident in Elizabeth. The accident took place at 2:44 p.m. Sheriff deputies were assisted by the State Highway Patrol at the scene of the accident.