By Jenna Baker


September’s Ottertail City Council meeting opened up to a full house of hopeful owners of the city’s 1980 truck, which was being sold as surplus property by the city via closed bids. 

Sixteen total closed bids were received with the highest coming in at $4,201.95. After the initial reading, the prospective buyers were able to submit a second and final bid if they should chose to do so, which many in attendance did. The high bid for the night was $7,850 and a motion was made and approved to agree to accept the bid.

Also at the September meeting was Bob Schlieman of Apex Engineering to discuss Capital Improvement Planning (CIP) for 2023 through 2027. Included in the plan is trail maintenance, street improvements, alley improvements and street maintenance. Various areas are included in the plan such as Donalds Road, Lynn Road and Three Lakes Road and the streets and alley surrounding the Community Center. 

Additional areas including Lueders Drive, Lueders Road and Shores Road were all brought up by the council as areas they wish to see included in the plan as well. The council all supported the CIP as they feel that continual improvements are needed to streets in Ottertail. A motion was made and passed to allow for Schlieman to prepare a proposal for the CIP, including the additional areas requested along with what was presented. 

Also discussed was the basketball court relocation. The proposed location of the new court is north of the pickleball courts and west of the playground equipment with the hoop on the north side. A motion was made and passed to move forward with the basketball court if the work can be done for $17,500 or less as those funds have already been raised. The motion also included proceeding with construction yet this year if weather permits.

In other news

• A motion was approved to move forward with cleaning up the area around the Community Center and recycling area at a cost of $625 for the rest of the season. 

• The demo derby area will be rented out by Josh Stock with Full Arena Promotions on October 15 for a benefit derby. After reviewing the rental agreement, a motion was made and passed to approve the use of the space.

• Schlieman informed the council that the water tower update is running behind schedule and the company contracted for the work is asking to extend the completion date to September 26 due to factors out of their control such as inclement weather, including rain and high winds. The council approved the change in schedule and Schlieman will create a change order.

• City Clerk Amanda Thorson informed the council that proper permits to remove the bog on Donalds Lake have been obtained and the total cost to remove will be an estimated $1,766.

• Thorson also presented the idea of having work sessions scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month for the council to discuss topics that will be on the agenda for the following week’s regular council meeting. The council was very supportive of the idea as it allows time for them to discuss issues without needing to make a decision in the moment. These sessions will be open to the public and can be canceled if there is no need for them. Items up for discussion will need to be on an agenda, which will be made public and once done so, cannot be changed.