Fifteen Minnesota counties are part of MICA

By Tom Hintgen

Otter Tail County Correspondent

The Minnesota Inter-County Association (MICA), which includes Otter Tail County, is a voluntary, joint powers organization of 15 Minnesota counties. This includes most of Minnesota’s larger and faster growing counties.

“We share interests with the larger counties in Minnesota, through our MICA membership,” said County Board Chairman Wayne Johnson of Pelican Rapids during the county board meeting Tuesday morning, Jan. 24.

MICA counties include more than 35 percent of the state’s residents, located in four suburban counties and 11 rural Minnesota counties.

Johnson points out that the association is a vehicle for planning and implementing projects and programs of interest to member counties and supporting county success through effective state policy advocacy.

“Our membership in MICA also gives us access to expert analysis about legislative and governmental services,” said Johnson.

Adds County Board member Lee Rogness of Fergus Falls, “MICA members share ideas on how to address infrastructure needs, affordable housing, transportation, public health and assistance to military veterans, to name a few.”

Both Johnson and Rogness are hopeful that the 2023 state legislature will adopt bills to increase state financial aid to counties. This, in turn, would lessen the financial burden to property taxpayers throughout Otter Tail County.

MICA works on behalf of its members to:

• Influence regional and state programs to solve problems common to its members

• Produce and share high quality information on issues of concern to its members and their residents

• Increase public understanding of county government

• Facilitate cooperation among counties in areas of mutual interest