By Cody Hill

Chill Fishing Report

We finally got some nice weather conditions. 

Fishing was amazing over the weekend! Friday evening started off with four different species with my first four fish being caught. I tried a combination of minnow on a bobber and jigging a spoon to attract the fish into the area. Minnows didn’t produce a bite, but the spoon kept me so busy that I forgot I had the second line down. 

Walleyes were most active that hour before sunset and died off at sunset but the crappies came into the area and were very aggressive so a person couldn’t complain. 

Crappies were active till about two hours after dark when they finally left my area. Saturday our group was fishing a smaller lake near a sunken island catching panfish almost as quickly as we could drop it down. A five mm tungsten tipped with a soft plastic seemed to produce the best result, but as the day went on the bigger fish were harder to pick up till, we started tipping with a wax worm. 

Our biggest crappie was 14” and our biggest blue gill of the day was 9.75” and both were on spoons tipped with a fat head head. Sunday afternoon we tried targeting crappies and walleyes, but the fish didn’t come into our area like we had hoped. We did have a lot smaller pike actively patrolling our area and that resulted in less fish biting. 

I have been using spoons from Widow Maker and they have been producing some amazing crappies and surprisingly a lot of walleyes. My best color has been their version of a Wonder Bread color scheme and I found through trial and error that tipping the hook with a fat head head was the preferred presentation. 

Aggressive jigging worked best on getting their attention and small twitches worked best to entice the curious but not aggressive fish into biting. With game fish season ending in the next few weeks focus will turn from walleyes to crappies and tullibee in our area. 

If you haven’t fished tullibee before they are a fun fish to target, they produce an amazing battle, and taste good smoked! 

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