Tracy Ann Slavik, 43, of Perham, was sentenced Feb. 3, 2023, in county court, Fergus Falls, following a felony conviction of 5th Degree Drug Possession.

Incarceration in the state correctional facility in Shakopee, Minn., will be waived if she remains law abiding during a probationary period of five years.

The balance of 30 days local confinement in the county jail, Fergus Falls, is being served by community service work determined by her probation agent. Slavik is responsible for paying court fees that amount to $375.

She will, on orders from the judge, complete a comprehensive assessment and follow recommendations of the evaluation. There is an order of no possession of alcohol or drugs, with the exception of prescribed medications.

Slavik agreed to cooperate with random searches of her residence, vehicle, workplace, property, and things as directed by her probation officer. She also must adhere to an order from the judge to provide DNA samples when directed.