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Bode Roberts was recognized for hitting 25 straight targets during last week’s trap meet.

By Chad Koenen


Five Eagles hit 25 straight targets and 19 out of 29 shooters finished with a score of 40 and above during the New York Mills trap team round last week. Bode Roberts, Wyatt Engebretson, Will Oakes, Kailey Keskitalo and Simon Snyder all finished with a round of 25-straight targets. This was the first time that Engebretson finished with a round of 25-straight targets.

  The Eagles continue to post some impressive scores as Snyder, Oakes, Keskitalo and Roberts all just missed one target last week to finish with a score of 49.

Season top 5 scores

49 – Simon Snyder, Will Oakes, Kailey Keskitalo, and Bode Roberts 

47 – DaShaun Robinson and Wyatt Engebretson 

44 – Westley Olson, Braxton Ehnert, Braeden Ehnert, and Derek Gibble 

43 – Preston Gordhamer, Nathan Fischer, and Monte Briard 

42 – Henry Oakes and Colson Keskitalo