New logo to bring cohesive look for NYM School

By Chad Koenen


There are an infinite amount of logos that a school or business can use featuring an eagle—many of which are featured on athletic and school apparel at New York Mills School. Seemingly, every sport and activity at the school has a slightly different color scheme and variation of an eagle logo on its jersey and clothing. 

In order to create a more unified look for its athletic and school activities, the NY Mills School Board established a committee made up of coaches, school board members and high school students to eventually select a unified logo for the school district. 

Activities Director Matt Radniecki said the school board has discussed coming up with a unified logo for quite some time as a way to have uniformity and continuity for things like letterhead and activities. The plan to create seek out a unified logo was accelerated after the recent success of several sports teams, including the football team who could not have a logo displayed at US Bank Stadium when the team advanced to the state semi-finals two years ago. 

“What set it off was when we went to US Bank we couldn’t have our logo displayed, because we didn’t have a patented logo,” said Radniecki.

In order to create a patented logo, a committee has been meeting regularly to look at color schemes, fonts for lettering and different options for an eagle. The committee has narrowed down the logos to just two options and is seeking input from the public on what it would like to see as the featured logo for generations to come. 

“We narrowed it down to two. The committee will make the final decision, but they are looking for input,” said Radniecki. 

In an attempt to select a logo sooner, rather than later, the committee has set up an online survey for the general public to give their input. The survey can be found online at

The survey will be open through the end of this week and the goal is to select the new logo within the next few weeks.