Schmid completed the project with the help of family, friends

Photo by Chad Koenen
Colby Schmid stands next to the pavilion at the new pistol/archery range that he constructed at the Deer Creek Rifle Range just outside of town. He completed the project as part of his Eagle Scout project.

By Chad Koenen


An otherwise empty field near the Deer Creek Rifle Range could soon be home to a new pistol and archery range in rural Deer Creek. 

As part of his Eagle Scout project for Wadena Troop 54, Colby Schmid is hoping to share his passion for trap and archery with people in the greater Deer Creek area. The project will construct a new pistol and archery range in an adjacent piece of land to the Deer Creek Rife Range, which is located just off of County Road 50 west of town. 

“I wanted to do something that I would use, potentially, and I like to shoot trap, pistols, archery and that kind of stuff,” he said. 

Schmid said his mom overheard Josh Seelhammer talking about the need for a pavilion and addition to the Deer Creek Rifle Range. 

In order to complete the project, Schmid and a group of volunteers finished clearing the field and assembled the new pavilion at the pistol range over the past two weekends. He said he enjoyed the opportunity to be outdoors to complete the project and is looking forward to being able to utilize it in the future.

“It was nice being outside,” he said. “My friends, my family and my parents helped me out. It was fun being outside and building with them.”