Photo by Tucker Henderson
A pair of Lund Boats were recently repainted and branded with the 75th anniversary logo. The boats were once again installed on top of a pair of signs in New York Mills along Highway 10. 

By Tucker Henderson


With Lund Boats’ 75th anniversary being celebrated this year and extra special events and activities being held for LundMania, it only made sense that Brunswick Boat Group would undertake some spring cleaning around New York Mills.

It was likely a surprise to locals driving past NY Mills on Highway 10 during the past few weeks and seeing an empty “Welcome to New York Mills” sign as both Lund boats had been removed from the city signs on June 9.

“The Lund leadership team had noticed that the boats were looking weathered and could use a refresh,” said Amy Aasen, Senior Brand Manager at Lund Boats. “It was decided that this would be an ideal time to do it so that we could add a visual element to the boats that reflected our 75th anniversary.”

Photo by Tucker Henderson
The Lund Boats atop the welcome signs on Highway 10 were recently repainted and now feature the 75th anniversary logo.

The refurbished boats include a custom made 75th anniversary badge created by Brunswick’s partners at Sharpline. They feature a new paint job in Lund’s classic Heritage Red, include updated Mercury motor cowls as well as new windshields and consoles.

“The work was done by a group of employees at Lund under the leadership of Amanda Hansen, our facility manager and Fred Spencer, our production supervisor. I believe this is the first refurbishment,” said Aasen

A hard deadline of July 7 was put in place as a motivating factor to have the boats refurbished and reinstalled on the signs at the edges of town in time for the crowds to admire them at LundMania.

The crew at Lund made fast work of the refurbishment and had the boats ready ahead of schedule for the heavy equipment operators to return them to their original locations early on Monday, June 26.