NYM goes 1-3 at Browerville Tournament

Alayna Baune finished with a team high 21 kills in New York Mills’ win against Bertha-Hewitt on Thursday night.

By Chad Koenen


The New York Mills Eagles opened Park Region Conference play last week with a 3-1 win over the Bertha-Hewitt Bears. The win came in the heels of a tough 3-1 loss to Park Christian in non-conference action. 

The New York Mills Eagles defeated Bertha-Hewitt last week to improve to 1-0 in the conference. 

On Saturday, the Eagles traveled to Long Prairie-Grey Eagle for the annual Browerville Tournament. The Eagles went 1-3 on the day as they fell to Brandon-Evansville 1-2, Browerville 0-2, Hancock 0-2, before defeating LP-GE 2-0.

This week the Eagles, who are 3-4 overall and 1-0 in the Park Region Conference, will host Verndale on Thursday night in their home opener. 

Next Monday NY Mills will hit the road once again for a non-conference game against Norman County East/Ulen-Hitterdal on Monday, before returning home on Tuesday, Sept. 19 when the Eagles host Breckenridge. 

August 29

NY Mills won a thrilling five game match against the Frazee Hornets on August 29 to open their regular season.

After winning the first two games of the match by scores of 25-17 and 25-19, the Eagles dropped the next two games by scores of 25-22 and 25-17 to force a fifth and decisive game. Fortunately for the Eagles they were able to blow past the Hornets by a score of 15-10 in the fifth game to come away with a 3-2 win on the road. 

Junior Ayla Olson had a big night at the net as she finished with 22 kills and 19 digs, while Alayna Baune finished with 8 kills of her own. Haley Korkowski finished with a team-high 4 ace serves, as well as 24 assists and Annika Dunrud led the way with 6 blocks. 


In a match that was separated by just a handful of points on either side of the court, the NY Mills Eagles fell to Park Christian in non-conference action on Tuesday night by a 3-1 margin. Park Christian took the first two games by a tight 26-24, 25-22 margin, before the Eagles battled back in the third game to extend the match with a 25-20 win. 

Unfortunately, the Eagles were just a few bounces on the court from forcing a fifth game and fell by a score of 25-21 in the fourth and final game. 

Alayna Baune led the offensive charge for the Eagles as she finished with a team-high 12 kills. Grace Brasel finished with 4 ace serves and was a perfect 20-20 from the line. Haley Korkowski finished with 12 assists and Ayla Olson finished with a team-high 17 digs in the loss.


NY Mills traveled to Bertha-Hewitt on Thursday night to open Park Region Conference play. The Eagles won a tight 25-23 game in the first game, before edging the Bears 25-17 in the second game. Bertha-Hewitt was able to take the third game by a score of 25-14, before the Eagles once again narrowly defeated the Bears in the fourth game by a score of 25-23 to come away with the 3-1 win. 

Alayna Baune had her best game of the season offensively as she finished with 21 kills, while Annika Dunrud also reached double figures and finished with 11 kills. 

Haley Korkowski kept the hitters busy throughout the night as she finished with 27 assists, while Grace Brasel and Gabi Vaden chipped in on the defensive end with 16 and 12 digs respectively. 

NYM vs. Frazee

SERVING: Kalyn Balbach 0-5 (1 ace), Gabi Baden 2-10 (1 ace), Haley Korkowski 1-28 (4 ace), Alayna Baune 0-1, Grace Brasel 1-18, Ayla Olson 0-14 (1 ace), Annika Dunrud 2-12, Belle Vader 1-15

KILLS: Kalyn Balbach 1, Haley Korkowski 3, Alayna Baune 8, Grace Brasel 6, Ayla Olson 22, Annika Dunrud 4, Chloe Costin 1

BLOCKS: Haley Korkowski 2, Alayna Baune 2, Grace Brasel 1, Ayla Olson 3, Annika Dunrud 6, Chloe Costin 2

ASSISTS: Haley Korkowski 24, Grace Brasel 1, Ayla Olson 13, Annika Dunrud 1

DIGS: Kalyn Balbach 2, Gabi Vaden 8, Haley Korkowski 7, Alayna Baune 1, Grace Brasel 9, Ayla Olson 19, Annika Dunrud 10, Chloe Costin 2, Belle Vaden 10

NYM vs. Park Christian

SERVING: Kalyn Balbach 1-8 (2 ace), Haley Korkowski 1-15 (3 ace), Grace Brasel 0-20 (4 ace), Ayla Olson 1-15 (1 ace), Annika Dunrud 2-15 (2 ace), Belle Vaden 3-12, Gabi Vaden 0-8 (1 ace)

KILLS: Haley Korkowski 6, Alayna Baune 12, Grace Brasel 2, Ayla Olson 6, Annika Dunrud 5, Chloe Costin 2

BLOCKS: Alayna Baune 3, Grace Brasel 1, Ayla Olson 1, Annika Dunrud 1, Chloe Costin 1

ASSISTS: Haley Korkowski 12, Grace Brasel 1, Ayla Olson 11, Annika Dunrud 1, Chloe Costin 2

DIGS: Kalyn Balbach 2, Haley Korkowski 6, Alayna Baune 1, Grace Brasel 12, Ayla Olson 17, Annika Dunrud 5, Chloe Costin 4, Belle Vaden 8, Gabi Vaden 15

NYM vs. Bertha-Hewitt

SERVING: Kalyn Balbach 2-17 (2 ace), Haley Korkowski 0-17, Grace Brasel 1-12 (2 ace), Annika Dunrud 2-14, Belle Vaden 2-19 (3 ace), Gabi Vaden 1-9 (2 ace)

KILLS: Haley Korkowski 1, Alayna Baune 21, Grace Brasel 6, Annika Dunrud 11, Chloe Costin 6, Belle Vaden 2

BLOCKS: Annika Dunrud 3, Chloe Costin 1, Belle Vaden 2

ASSISTS: Kalyn Balbach 1, Haley Korkowski 37, Annika Dunrud 1, Gabi Vaden 1

DIGS: Kalyn Balbach 7, Haley Korkowski 10, Alayna Baune 1, Grace Brasel 16, Annika Dunrud 5, Chloe Costin 2, Belle Vaden 3, Gabi Vaden 12