The City of New York Mills Water Department was contacted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to implement water use reductions due to Drought Warning Conditions.

The city is seeking assistance from residents with reductions in Non-Essential Water Use within city limits and customers outside of city limits that are served by the City’s Water Supply System.

Non-Essential Water Use would be considered as follows:

• Lawn Irrigation

• Power Washing

• Car Washing (Except car washing businesses)

• Private Swimming Pool Filling and Slip-n-Slides

During Extreme Drought Conditions we encourage everyone to allow lawns to dieback in favor of preserving trees, vegetable, and flower gardens, the city is also request to fix any plumbing leaks within homes and businesses and install water saving devices and water-efficient appliances if possible.

The city realizes this may be a lot to ask, but we are trying to conserve for the essential uses of water such as:

• Drinking

• Cooking

• Bathing

• Firefighting