Discounts on product lines to be offered

By Tucker Henderson


Coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Month, Lund Boats will be offering discounts on their product line for “Everyday Heroes,” the first responders responsible for helping out communities in tough times. The discount will be valid to all eligible members throughout the month of May.

“Everyday Heroes is a promotion that we are running in May in honor of first responders,” said Lund Boats President, Jeromie Johnston. “So this is police, fire, EMS, 911 operators, it’s a very comprehensive list. We’re offering similar discounts to our military discounts, so depending on the size of the boat, it can go up to $1,700 in savings.”

Johnston said that the month-long promotion has been in the works for the past two months and the idea initially came from the realization that there hasn’t been a promotion like this in the past.

“The feeling was that those folks are running into harms way every day,” said Johnston. “We’d like to do at least a small part to honor them by helping them get a boat and get in the water. I think all of us think about incidents and firefighters and law enforcement responding to those, so when they come home, I’m sure they’re still thinking about those events, so there’s an emotional drain that puts upon them and their families.

“Our hope is that, with the purchase of a boat, they get out on the water and it really helps calm the nerves, forget about the stress of these incidents and events. We truly believe fishing and boating can provide a much needed respite,” he continued.

These discounts are available to a variety of emergency responders with backgrounds in law enforcement of all types, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and 911 operators. A comprehensive list can be found at The discount is available in both the United States and Canada.

“We’re running a ‘Set the Hook’ promotion as well, so if you’re a first responder or an Everyday Hero, you can get that ‘Set the Hook’ promotion depending on the model and then add on that Everyday Hero discount and that, for some boats, would total up to $2,700, so significant savings.”

Johnston also said that the NY Mills facility employs five of the 18 volunteer firefighters of the NY Mills Fire Department. This discount is meant to honor them and all other emergency responders.

“If you’re eligible, you can go to the website and find your local dealer and the dealer will absolutely be able to help you,” said Johnston. “The website does have what they need to bring as far as identification, for example if you’re a firefighter, bring in your ID card. Law enforcement would have badges for identification.”

Alongside this discount, Lund Boats offers a military discount to active and past servicemen and servicewomen as well as a high school fishing team discount.

“Just like everyday heroes, we’ve offered a military discount to active or former service members and similar to everyday heroes, we want to thank those folks for their service.”