To the Editor,

I think I found a way for me to understand politicians. Look at them as a used car being sold. 

Used cars get paint over the rust, an air freshener to cover up the smell. Tire rotation to squeeze out a few more miles. Fresh oil to cover up the dirty oil. Shampoo the interior to cover the stains. Wax and buff the outside to make it look younger than it really is. Then advertise them as the best deal on the lot. 

So, when I see a politician being marketed as someone new with their sleeves rolled up, and are ready to get things done I have to wonder; why is their background not publicized until after they get the job? 

They look great for their age remember Bernie swing the bat after heart surgery, Hillary walking up steps without help or Joe Biden walking down steps. They give us a sense they have all the answers but in reality, they fake it every day (did I mention Kamala). Mayor Pete is secretary of transportation, great choice because of his past experience in driving a car. He must have super powers because of his sexual preference (why do I know this or need to know this). Did this make him more special or more marketable? 

If Nancy was driving, would she pass a sobriety test? I have problems understanding her when she talks, she is always fighting or angry, waving her arms like she has a severe nervous tic. If she acted that way being pulled over, she would be tased, hog tied and thrown in the back of a squad car. 

If these people where cars they would be called Lemons. Who knowingly buys a lemon? I guess we do.

Mike Wasche