To the Editor,

This is written in response to the recent editorial “A new world order is coming.”  I agree that the new order is upon us as the world changes with advancements in technology, communication, medicine, science, climate, geography and diversity.  Change is inevitable and often causes discomfort.  For example, consider changes in lanterns to electricity. Or, horse drawn wagons to gas fueled vehicles; stagecoaches to the railroad. And, waves of immigration throughout  the decades.

The Statue of Liberty welcomed immigrants who changed the demographics of America.  All four of my grandparents were immigrants who never became proficient in English but contributed to the culture and country’s prosperity.  I envied their bilingualism as I do so many current new arrivals who also bring their hopes and dreams. They desire assimilation and an opportunity to contribute to society and better their lives. 

The writer of the “new world order is coming” suggests he is being expected to give up his personal culture, language or beliefs, to not say Merry Christmas or God bless you, and accept violence of others that he feels jeopardizes his freedoms. Who is asking him to accept these things and not question opinions that differ from his on religion, education, and health?  As an American in this democracy, we are all protected by the First Amendment.  So who is causing him to question this Constitutional right?  

Sadly, it seems there are those who choose to challenge the truth by manipulating it. Gaining power and control by instilling fear, anxiety, and anger through disinformation, conspiracy theories and lies has been the goal. Fox News, Newsmax, Bannon, other right wing pundits, elected Congressional  members who reject legislation introduced by Democrats, and Trump loyalists who continue The Big Lie all collude to scare the willing into irrational, frenzied fantasies.  And, it seems to work!

Sound bites, without substance or truth, outrage those who believe the election was stolen, that the January 6th insurrection was just a protest by folks on a Capital tour, and that your rights are being taken away when a mask mandate is really an opportunity for shared responsibility as citizens.

Why is it easier to believe in Birtherism, pedophilia rings in a pizza restaurant basement, voting machines controlled by a dead Nicaraguan, Jewish space lasers, disintegrating Chinese paper ballots, using horse dewormer or bleach to cure covid, or that John Kennedy Jr. isn’t really dead and will be Trump’s running mate in 2024?  Hundreds of people showed up for that in Dallas recently. And, are still waiting! Really?

Calls for outrage are thrown out to bait folks fearful of change; who somehow feel their rights are less if given to others different than them.  Social, racial, and gender justice are in flux as equality is fought for worldwide. Global awareness, responsibility, and cooperation are necessary for humanity’s continuance.   

The right wing’s fear tactic of questioning parental rights concerning education and school boards is especially troubling to me, an educator for 45 years.  I’ve taught in three states which all provided on going curriculum development, supportive school boards and administrations that were always available to address parents’ concerns.  Educators dedicate themselves to their profession and the children taught.  As for the mask and vaccine mandates, educators have the responsibility to protect their students, fellow staff, and themselves.  It is not a question of personal freedom but of consideration for fellow citizens.

CRT (Critical Race Theory) has become another right wing spark to ignite anger.  As explained numerous times, CRT is not taught in Elementary, Middle School or High School; only at higher levels and specific programs. It is a theory that explains how race has affected the country. History, as taught in schools, does need to present the struggles as well as achievements to fully represent the country’s growth and uniqueness. The diversity of America, from the Native Americans to the many nationalities, religions and races, speaks to its strengths as a democracy. 

Other sound bites that juice up Fox News and similar media outlet viewers are: tyranny, radical, hate America, wokeness, cancel culture, indoctrination, white people devalued, don’t like freedom, irregularities, fraud, fake news, feeble Biden and, of course, socialism. The United States will not be a socialist country despite the Republicans’ continued attempts to convince its uneducated and gullible followers that its the goal of Democrats.

Federal and state social programs already exist and include cash assistance, health insurance, food assistance, housing subsidies, energy and utilities subsidies, and education and childcare assistance. Yes, the majority of programs were legislated by Democrats.  How many of you are ready to give up your social security and medicare benefits when you are eligible?

How much are you prepared to lose if those wanting to destroy our democracy are successful? Does fascism, a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy, sound better? Recall Trump’s affinity for Putin and other authoritarians, demands for loyalty and revengeful acts while attempting to consolidate wealth and power for himself.  And, consider recent calls by Mike Flynn, a Trump loyalist, for one national religion.

Former President Trump is a criminal, conman, fraud, bully, and racist who tried to overturn the national election and overthrow the United State government.

I much prefer President Biden who gets important things done for the American people like legislation for needed infrastructure, instead of a useless wall. He speaks in full, comprehensive sentences, while sharing important information unlike Trump’s ranting, lies, and name calling.  Projection is at work when right wing pundits try to convince the willing that Biden is frail, feeble, and confused.  Why do Fox News, Newsmax and like not broadcast Biden’s speeches? But, tell their “believers” what he said filtered through their purposely distorted lens.

I do recognize and favor a new world order filled with promise for America and our planet. It’s time to appreciate our similarities rather than feeling threatened by our differences. That is our salvation as a people and a planet.

Dorothy Eskeli

New York Mills