To the Editor,

We have all noticed over the years that we as us citizens are supposed to be sensitive to immigrants and their cultures and put our beliefs aside to make them feel welcomed. 

Personally, I like my culture and if people want to come here for a better life, then adjust to our lifestyle or go back from which you came. I don’t care what your language is, it’s your responsibility to learn mine. I don’t care if you want to worship a fence post at Christmas, but don’t expect me to not say Merry Christmas or God bless you. 

If your country hangs dead people from cranes and kills women, I’m good with that because I believe in your freedom to do whatever you want. Besides there’s absolutley nothing I can do about it.. Just don’t bring that demented way of thinking to our country. I want my rights! 

We as citizens have to quit turning the other cheek, especially when it comes to religion, school boards, vaccinations and critical race theory. Why am I expected to take a vaccination in order to travel or eat because President Biden wants me to drink the Kool-Aid, but illegal immigrants don’t have to and Biden diseminates these (unvacanated) people throught our country in the dead of night? But then fires cops for not vaccinating? 

The government is stealing our money and telling us what they will do with it, just like schools are telling us what they will teach out kids without our input, and if you speak out for your child’s rights you are branded a terrorist? 

There is a new world order coming and not one we are familiar with. 

January 6 was touted as an insurrection when people displayed the right to protest, and voice their opinion, an unarmed women was shot and killed, but nothing was done about it. 

The Democrats said threepolice officers lost their lives because of this lawless outbreak, one officer died on January 7 because of a heart attack and twp others committed suicide two weeks later. These people will do and say anything to get their way. Thinking everything will be OK and get back to normal is just wishful thinking. 

I want to wake up happy and still feel I live in the best country in the world but the reality is I will have to fight for it.

Mike Wasche