To the Editor,

I am writing to respond to the news coverage of the city council informational meeting with the residents of Newtonville on Tuesday, March 8. It was reported that the City of New York Mills would like to annex 36 parcels of land in the portion of Newton Township known as Newtonville.  

As a resident of this neighborhood, I asked several questions related to increasing our property taxes, imposing city ordinances, and utility fees. Many of my neighbors did the same.  While great detail to city personnel’s statements was quoted and paraphrased, the concerns of the affected residents were merely summarized as some residents asked some questions.  In my view, this did not reflect the tone of the questioning.  

The city did not manage to convince many of us that the decision to annex Newtonville would be in the best interest of its residents. 

I encourage the residents of Newtonville to contact the NY Mills city office to inquire about the tax impact of their property and to voice their concerns over the proposed annexation.


Adam Tervola Hultberg

Newton Township resident