To the Editor,

A house on Main Ave. S. is flying a very profane flag below the American flag. Once the initial shock of seeing a large expletive waving in the wind wore off, I realized the owners are not accomplishing what they intended.  

I’m sure they thought they were “owning the Dems,” as Republicans like to say, but sadly they owned themselves. You see by displaying that flag they have announced to the entire community that they not only lack respect for the stars and stripes but they also lack respect for all of us. 

With that message they are forcing every child on their way to school, or grandmother driving to the doctor, or any other decent passerby that they too must wallow in the homeowners vulgarity.  I’m sure they were making a pointed statement about President Biden, but instead have shown all of us what disdain they have for our country and the people of New York Mills.

Lynn Kasma,

New York Mills