To the Editor,

For those who do not know me, I am Cornel Walker I ran for Senator in Senate District 09.  I am from Texas.  I was a 50-year trial lawyer in Texas in both criminal and civil trial practice.  One of the most regressive, if not the most regressive state, in the union.  In Texas, you are likely to be imprisoned if you seek an abortion for any reason, including your very life being at peril. If not now, you will soon be prevented from trans therapy whether as an adult or not.  If repression remains unchecked, you will be in danger of prison for being gay, black, or possibly, just poor.  The tragic part of this scenario is that the voters of this red state are doing all of this to themselves, by electing regressive state officeholders.  Now picture this on a national level.

An article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune should send shivers up the spine of anyone who fears a dictatorship.  Police and government officials are obtaining medical records from pharmacies without the use of a warrant. These authorities are obtaining records on fishing exhibitions when the medical records should remain private.  States like Texas are doing this (not officially but in reality) in the name of preventing abortion.  This is the way dictatorships do their work.

If Trump is elected President matters will get much worse.  If you vote for anyone other than President Biden you are voting for a person and a party that has told anyone who will listen that he will be a dictator.  Your choice will be to live under a dictatorship where you have very few if any rights or you can move to a country that is a democracy.  The certainty is that you will not have any rights if you are not part of the repressive regime.  Take the would-be dictator at his word and fight while you still can by exercising your vote for someone who will keep our democracy.  As for me, I chose the Democratic nominee for national office no matter his age because it is our one hope of keeping our democracy. 

Cornel Walker

Fergus Falls