To the Editor,

Thanks, DEMs

Now in my 90th year and still have good memory, I look back to the 30s when I was born and the wonderful changes that have occurred for the middle and under classes…men and women of color, women‘s rights, voter’s rights, worker’s fair compensation with benefits…just a few liberal, progressive policies that have brought us to the age of wonderment.

Who would have believed we could be in immediate touch with family and friends with pictures/videos, current news around the world, sports of all kinds played by people of all origins, skin color and  gender, the best music from times past to  the current performers, social programs that provide health care and basic retirement incomes for most, education/training opportunities to match interests and talent …many good things to list.

Since I have plenty of time to watch TV and use my smart phone to look up any information that comes to mind, it is not hard to fact check political utterances for credibility … at least other opinions. Most striking changes have been in news anchors on major networks and local TV outlets, where a growing majority seem to be women of color, not because of race or gender but because given the opportunity, they are very good. Then we look at major sports and see the same intrusion. No wonder the white male supremacists are so nervous about losing their vaunted status and power.

What is unfortunate and dangerous is these incredible tools can now be employed by those who seek political power to turn us back to authoritarian governments, tearing up the constitutions with all the protections it provides for the masses and governing rules effective democratic governing. We are now in an election cycle that Is testing our democracy as never before. It is not even hidden as before. Candidates from President on down have openly stated their intent to destroy Democracy if elected. What is scary is that they are doing very well in early polling.

For all the great positive achievements in this period, we have to thank liberal, progressive policies of Democrat leadership…President Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, LBJ, Carter, Clinton, Obama,and Biden but equally important are the governors, senators and congressmen/women who actually do the detailed planning.   Good examples are Senator Hubert Humphrey and our own governor, Tim Walz. Aren’t we lucky to have had them. Republican conservatives fought every progressive initiative.

Thanks, Dems for my good life and many other farm kids of the depression era.

Lee Purrier,

Park Rapids, Minn.