To the Editor,

A short time ago there was an article in the Dispatch about the Fitness Center located in the band room of the old high school.

I have been using the center equipment for about a month and it’s in excellent condition and easy to use. It’s easy and convenient to use the facility for whatever your needs, maybe such as muscle tone or physical conditioning.

If you’re a senior citizen like me, it’s easy to set a plan that fits your needs, which is muscle tone and physical therapy in nature.

I don’t know how many people are using the facility, but I have seen three others while I have been there.

My fear is if it isn’t used, we could possibly lose it because of the cost to operate and manage the facility by the city and the PACC in Perham.

Seniors who have insurance that includes Silver Sneakers can become members at the PACC for a one time payment of $60 for the year. After the year is up you just need to renew your fob and you have access to both.

There certainly is a need in NY Mills for such a facility and I encourage people to go through the process and become a member. If you become a member I would be willing to show and demonstrate the use of the equipment.

Jim Mann,

New York Mills