To the Editor,

Like so many others, I am so sad and heartbroken by the invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s Russia. Desperate people are fleeing for their lives which have been forever destroyed by unbelievable evil. Their cries for help are interspersed with love for their country, belief in democracy, amazing bravery, courage and determination.  

As I write this, Russian troops are shelling Europe’s nuclear plant in Ukraine which has the potential of creating the catastrophic event of releasing deadly radiation.

Meanwhile, Fox News, Newsmax, other Right wing media sites and Republicans blather incessant criticism of President Biden and the Democrats. As they desperately seek something to blame this catastrophe on, the Green New Deal becomes one of the targets.Somehow dealing with the reality of climate change and environmental disaster by reducing fossil fuels becomes the Right’s blame game. Oil becomes their pawn. Ukraine has oil reserves which makes it valuable to Russia.  

Putin’s intent to have others believe Russians and Ukrainians are one people and he is just trying to unite them is bogus. The Right also has a misplaced passion for oil: to hype the price of  such a needed commodity easily manipulates people’s attention and anger. Demand increased as the pandemic reopened with people driving more. Refineries couldn’t keep up with American and global demands and the price of gas increased worldwide. President Biden asked for increased production, but OPEC makes that decision and not him. Expect higher prices because of Russia’s violent invasion of Ukraine. Budget your gas usage is a reasonable suggestion in times of shortage and world calamity.

The Right’s intent is to further divide our country. They are giving direct aid to Putin as he forges ahead with his immoral, unjustified, cruel war on Ukraine.

This wouldn’t happen if he were President, Trump ignorantly proclaims as he declares Putin a “genius.” This is happening because Trump was President!  

Russia’s maleficence helped Trump get elected. All saw Trump repay that support at the Helsinki summit siding with Putin rather than the FBI when it came to allegations of meddling in the 2016 election. Then they held a private two-hour meeting. One of several where notes were not allowed to be taken or shared.

The invasion of Ukraine would have been much easier for Putin if Trump were President. One of Trump’s first objectives as President was to leave NATO. One of Putin’s reasons for the violence in Ukraine is because he did not want the country to become a NATO member. NATO stands by if one of its member countries are attacked. President Biden has reenforced NATO alliances and our other allies; most of whom Trump had deliberately insulted and distanced. 

This is time to remember what the Soviet Secretary Khrushchev warned in 1956 with his “we will bury you” speech to the West. The current bitter division in the United States speaks to that intended purpose and weakens us as a nation. Putin was preparing for this time. More important than ever to remember that there is strength through unity which America’s motto reminds us: Out of many, One.

It seems that when Trump was not reelected, it became necessary for Putin and Trump to enact Plan B: Create the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. This contributed to an expected national divide. The Right media and politicians added their own lies:  Critical Race Theory teaches children to hate white people, parents are being treated as terrorists, teachers can’t be trusted, the Jan. 6 Insurrection was just a tourist visit, Black Lives Matter protests were the same as the Insurrection, mask mandates and vaccines violate your rights, crime only occurs in Democratic cities, the liberals want to Defund the Police, President Biden has dementia, China is worse than Russia, liberals and the West created Ukraine’s problem by encouraging their democracy, White Supremacists are good guys, Mexican migrants are allowed to stay with covid, the United States is not doing enough with sanctions, weapons, and alliances to help Ukraine, and other endless degradations, distractions and untruths.  

The fact that a pandemic has crippled the country and world for almost three years is disregarded and considered a hoax by too many. The Right spews biased opinions that are not fact based, researched, or validated by studied experts.

Putin’s and Trump’s lies marinate and attract believers who are easily seduced by the bright shiny influences of crassness, image, duplicity, money, and power.  None of these require the more difficult work of critical thinking, problem solving, studying history, and  truth seeking.

Putin’s violent, merciless assault on Ukraine continues. The nuclear plant has been captured and presents an increasing threat to the world. The humanitarian crisis worsens. President Biden, NATO, the UN, and allies are working to stop Putin, defend Ukraine, and prevent further aggression without causing World War III.  

Time to step forward and unite as Americans to support our country, Constitution, Democracy and President. Turn off Fox News, Newsmax, Bannon and other media intent on demoralizing and dividing Americans.Turn on positive resolve, empathy, support, and prayers for unity and peace for Ukraine and worldwide. Donate to Ukraine relief. Humankind is in peril.

Dorothy Eskeli

New York Mills