To the Editor,

Watching the news and commentary outlets and doing some Googling to try to verify the content of conversations, it has become clear that our current and future presidents are no longer the decision makers in the United States. Russia’s Putin is at the top of the chain directing his United States assets, Donald Trump and at least a third of the Republican Party plus the Speaker of the house, Mike Johnson to do his bidding on the way to weakening our ability to support our commitments to Ukraine and NATO.

The view is now recognized by reputable former officials and aides who served during the Trump years. Nothing positive about the Trump years comes from that audience of hundreds who served under him. How has this happened? It started back when Putin gained power and put the United States in his lust for world dominance. All he needed was an American asset he could blackmail and control. Along came Trump with his grandiose dreams of a Trump Hotel in Moscow. He was greeted warmly, catering to his thirst for exotic adventures. Friendly talks and the hint of political strategies to make Trump president was all it took. The hook was firmly in place.

It didn’t hurt when news of Putin’s enemies winding up poisoned, in plane crashes, pushed off  hotel/apartment balconies and every conceivable cruel death befell the opposition. And now Novalny. You think Trump isn’t just a little afraid of telling his Russian buddy to back off?  

This election cycle is our best hope to keep our democracy and great country intact, but it isn’t going to happen unless voters understand what’s happening and what effects it will have on them and their ancestors expanding to people all over the world who depend on the U.S. to lead. Polls show he has a good chance of winning because the noise makers try to make President Biden too old and creaky for this immense job of governing the world order. They are totally wrong. His wisdom gained over 40 plus years of top level government service makes him the most qualified to put us back on the right path.

Lee Purrier, 

Park Rapids