To the Editor,

I watched and listened to former President Trump give his Texas CPAC speech.  The usual self aggrandizing, complaints of victimization, continued promotion of the Big Lie, name calling, bullying and lying were, as always, disturbing.  As the Magas cheered and whooped, I was reminded of something I’d heard about large crowds. When making movies with large groups to provide background noises, all are told to repeat “peas and carrots, peas and carrots” in unison.  That’s all I could hear during Trump’s speech. The same nonsense and endless escape from reality sounded every bit as irrelevant as “peas and carrots, peas and carrots.”  Unfortunately, Trump’s words are chosen to deceive, frighten and manipulate. The “peas and carrots” have passed their expiration date! 

Hopefully, the evidence of Trump’s complicity in the January 6th Insurrection attempt to overturn the peaceful transfer of power will lead to an indictment. The Select Committee is being thorough in its investigation. Primary witnesses have been Republicans, so please spare any complaints that the Hearing is one-sided. These were people close to the happenings and wouldn’t compromise their values and morals. They told the truth!

As for the Republican sycophants and others whose love for power is greater than their love of country, they will eventually abandon Trump as the truth is revealed and his power wanes. Perhaps their desire for authoritarianism will be better served in Hungary with Viktor Orban. 

One wonders how true Republican Conservatives must feel experiencing the lost of their party’s ideals.  Add the Republican Party to the list of Trump’s other failures and bankruptcies: casino, university, vodka, airline, steaks, resorts, hotels and other questionable financial losses.  And, most significantly, the failure of  his Presidency.  “Outrageous!  It’s never happened before! A former President has never been treated so badly!,”  True enough!  No President before has broken so many laws, and tried to overturn an election.

The raid on Mar-A-Lago was obviously made with justification, which will ultimately be disclosed.  Trump tried to run the Presidency as a mob boss which had worked for him throughout his long criminal history.  There are multiple ongoing investigations into Trump’s corruption. Contrary to Trump Derangement Syndrome, which his supporters claim, it would be  more aptly named Trump Duplicity Syndrome.

Trump’s absolute disregard of the 2020 election outcome, the Constitution, democratic process and law breaking disqualifies him to ever serve in political office again. Trump is not above the law and should be fitted for an orange jumpsuit to match his fake complexion asap. Maybe, if he is lucky, they’ll serve him peas and carrots in Federal prison.

Dorothy Eskeli

New York Mills