To the Editor,

In a recent response to my letter to the editor, the writer made some statements which I need to address.  Especially so when affronted by still displayed Trump flags/signs and worse. Also, by the ridiculous claim that Trump somehow “will rise” to the Presidency on March 4th. And, sadly, perpetuating the “Big Lie” after proven to be wrong at the federal, state, and judiciary levels.  Joe Biden is the legally elected President. He won by more votes than any other President ever with 66.7% of the population voting.  Biden has earned a 60% approval rating since being in office and has shown his commitment to and love for America through his positive actions for individuals and the nation. If other than Fox News were listened to, that would be known, rather than continuous lies claiming that Biden has dementia.  

Claims were made that Trump has been so unfairly hated for four and a half years. Here is a list of the ten worse things Trump did during his political career. (1) Child Separation Policy (2) Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement (3) Attacks on the Affordable Care Act (4) Racism and allegiance to the Klan, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, other white supramcists and anti Semitic groups)  (5) Enlisting foreign officials to help his candidacy (6) Use of the U.S. Treasury to line his own pockets (7) Disastrous handling of the Covid 19 pandemic (8) Hugely regressive changes in the tax code (9) Other inhumane immigration policies and (10) At lease 22, 247 false or misleading claims and lies.

Trump does not sound like a man known or loved for good works.  It is acknowledged that he refused to take the Presidential salary and instead donated it to charity.  His $400,000 a year is hardly a match for the average $600,000 required for each golf outing, or, the estimated  $140 million cost over four years. I don’t believe trump or his greedy family love America for anything other than what their own selfish manipulation can acquire.

If one did research, as suggested, on contributions made by Joe Biden, his sons, brother, and sister to America, they would find the following. Joe’s 46+ years in public service as a Senator and Vice President includes work on arms control, consumer protection, environmental issues, greater government accountability, civil rights, foreign relations, crime control and violence against women. His family has been involved in World Food Programs for the USA and the UN. Hunter Biden is a lawyer, investor, and lobbyist who has worked globally on various boards as well as for Amtrak. The FBI has been unable to establish sufficient evidence for prosecution of possible money laundering crimes on a suspiciously found laptop. The Beau Biden Foundation serves to protect children and confront their abusers. I assume the family’s wealth came from hard working, high paying, prestige and service oriented  jobs.  Rather than inheritance, shoddy business practices,  bankruptcies and foreign loans as has Trump and his family.

There is much interest in the criminal investigations of Trump’s attempts to overturn the Georgia election and  his property manipulation, tax write offs and claims of consulting fees.  The Justice Department may still pursue charges from the Russian interference in 2016 election.  Lawsuits have been brought by two women accusing him of sexual misconduct.

The Democrats do “totally believe their party is for the working class,” and has proved it through the years with legislation to pass Social Security, Medicare, Universal Health Care, Child Labor laws and the minimum wage to name just a few accomplishments.  A Conservative says, “It hasn’t happened to me.  So I don’t care.”  A Liberal says  “It should never happen to anyone. And, that’s why I care.”

I also have resource suggestions for people on the fence, or totally over it, as is the writer of “Tale of two friends.”  Light reading might include “The Pied Piper of Hamlin” and how he incited the naive to follow him into oblivion.  There’s also the story of the group seeking a heart, brain, courage and a way home. They look for these from the Wizard of Oz, only to find he is a complete fake who would do nothing for them.  Trump is clearly like the antagonist of these stories. A bit heavier reading might be Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler to fully understand fascist leadership or A Handmaiden’s Tale by Margaret Atwood to fear a theocratic dictatorship.

I suggest the letter writer takes her own advice and listens to real journalists, rather than Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, and other commentators, to avoid nonfactual, bias, and opinionated (not real) news.  Vary your sources beyond fake news.  There is CNN and MSNBC but also ABC, CBS, PBS News Hours, BBC, CSPAN,

Washington Week, Amanpour and Co to name a few.  There are also numerous newspapers and magazines which cover national and global news as well as differing views.

I don’t agree that hate dominates one’s decision to NOT support or believe Trump’s lies.  My decision is based on critical thinking, rationality and information gained from many sources. I even check in with Fox News to hear their talking points.  I heard Hannity complaining about people getting the $600 stimulus check and how he gave his to charity.  This was an outright lie as he would not have gotten one with his multi million dollar income.

Other news outlets have been reporting on covid numbers and the May goal for completing all adult inoculations. The return to normalcy after the pandemic is in sight. Fox News reports on Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss books and “cancel culture.” If something or someone can be denigrated, mocked, lied about or elicit a snide remark or smirk, it is considered newsworthy.  There seems to be a competition among the commentators to see who can be the most demeaning. Sounds like a playground full of bullies trying to outdo themselves to please the biggest bully of all, Trump.

I think I’ll stick to my personal resources of articles, books and media.  No help needed from God to protect my rights and civil liberties. 

Dorothy Eskeli

New York Mills