Ask A Trooper

Sgt. Jesse Grabow

Question: A while back you wrote an article on the different driver license classifications. Can you talk about restrictions and endorsements? Thanks!

Answer: A Minnesota driver’s license can have additional restrictions or endorsements based on the person and their license classification.


• Motorcycle

• Hazardous Materials

• Passenger Transport

• School Bus

• Tank Vehicle

• Double/Triple Trailers


• Corrective Lenses

• Mechanical Devices (hand controls or other adaptive devices)

• Prosthetic Aid

• Automatic Transmission – Equipped CMV

• Limited to Daylight Driving Only

• CDL – Intrastate Only

• No Air Brake Equipped CMV

• No Class A Passenger Vehicle

• No Class A & B Passenger Vehicle

• No Tractor-Trailer CMV

• No Passenger in a CMV Bus

• Ignition Interlock Device

• Medical Variance/Waiver

• No Cargo in a CMV Tank Vehicle

• No Full Air Brake Equipped CMV

• Any use of alcohol invalidates license

• Hand Operated Brakes

• Complete Hand Controls

• Outside Mirrors

• Valid for 3-wheel motorcycle

• Farm Work and Drivers Education Instruction Permit

• Hand Operated light beam control

• Elevated Driving Seat

• No Freeway Driving

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