To the Editor,

Many of us were born and raised in rural communities or on small farms and continue to live and grow where we were planted. 

There is something about the sunrise of a spring morning or the soft summer breeze that carries the scent of fresh mowed alfalfa that keeps us rooted here! We’ve grown up with the best neighbors and made friends with some of the most unique characters. My wife and I were married in 1971 and next June, God willing we will celebrate 50 years together! Our six children live close by, and we are blessed with 16 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

In late October several of us joined the  “Trump Train” which started in New York Mills and traveled roughly 100 miles through several small towns and the surrounding countryside. We were amazed at the tremendous support from many hundreds of Trumper’s along the way! When we got home we displayed our very large Trump flag on our front yard next to our six foot Trump Pence sign. We also fly two United States flags and A Thin Blue Line, which honors police, servicemen and women, firefighters and health care workers. Some of our grandkids helped me erect a new sign 4 days ago, also a 6-foot sign which reads Jesus is the reason for the season!

My father served in the United States Army in World War II, in Japan and the Philippine islands, along with six of my uncles! The Wadena Pioneer Journal ran the story in their paper at the time. All seven of the soldiers survived! I thank all service members for their patriotism and service to our country!

The sacrifices of many men and women over the years is the reason that we can enjoy our liberty. We can profess our beliefs and our political views, and we can certainly follow our great Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I will leave my Trump flag and signs up on my land until this presidential election is figured out and final. 

Al Roggenkamp 

Bluffton Township