Publisher’s Pespective

Chad Koenen

Some people are organized, while others rely on organized people to keep them heading in the right direction. I would definitely fall in the latter category.

Organization has never been one of my strong traits. For as long as I can remember I had difficulty in trying to figure out whether I was coming or going, and perhaps most importantly, where it was that I was actually trying to go in the first place (I’m sure if someone wanted a funny story they could ask Dani about how disorganized I can be at times). 

In order to help with my organizational shortcomings, Dani came up with an idea of putting all of our events on a Google calendar so I can have a better idea of what I need to do each day, or at least where I should be each day. The challenge of course is remembering what I need to bring along with each appointment and to actually check the calendar each day.

With all of the sporting events and tournaments changing almost daily, our calendar looks like a child took a kaleidescope and threw all of the insides at the wall. Volleyball and basketball practice, sporting events, doctors appointments, meetings and phone calls I can’t forget to make each day. 

The key, of course, is that I need to remember to bring the right items to each activity. After all, I don’t think my kids would appreciate me bringing them to the vet, my dogs to a city council meeting and my vehicle to the vet to get a rabies shot. Although I think the vet would have a few good laughs if I show up with a sack lunch for my child and without a dog for a shot. 

Yes this time of year is busy for all of us, but it is also quite nice to have so many activities to choose from each night. If I ever hear someone say there is nothing going on around this area I’ll give them a quick peak at our calendar so they can see all of the things going on in our own back yard.

Speaking of tournaments, last week I glanced at my odometer and noticed that in the past 14 months I have put well over 30,000 miles on my car. I guess that 95 percent of those miles have been for work with the remaining 5 percent being a random trip to town for another item.

With several of the basketball teams in our area still playing in the section tournament I would guess my driving is not quite yet over for the winter sports. 

We have been blessed to have such successful teams that have made deep runs in the section and state tournament over the past few years, even if that means I need to spend some additional time behind my steering wheel with gas approaching $4 per gallon.