To the Editor,

Why I Support Nathan Miller for Minnesota State Senate District 9.

When I met Nathan Miller last March, I soon knew I liked this man. I also learned he is a man after my own heart and I connect with him in many areas.  

Nathan is a Christian and a conservative, with a connection to Bismarck, ND, where his grandparents live, and he completed a degree in process plant operations there. I lived in Killdeer and Bismarck from 1980 to 1995. I was blessed with a son, Levi, who was born the same year as Nathan in 1987. I lost Levi to a rare disease in 1994 and he is buried in Bismarck. 

Nathan enjoys working as a boiler operator and has 16 years’ experience in the industry. In 2015 Nathan completed his bachelor’s degree in energy management and has served as supervisor on the job. He and his lovely wife, Anna, are raising their three young children, while farming south of Battle Lake. Anna runs a photography business and together the Millers own and manage rental properties. Nathan is a very outgoing, strong communicator, a solid citizen with integrity and outstanding leadership qualities.

I believe Nathan Miller is inspiring a movement. As a devout Christian man who wants good change for Minnesota and America, he depends on God for guidance and his neighbors for support to “GET IT DONE.” I am proud to support Nathan’s efforts as our servant in the state senate. Nathan is extremely knowledgeable and clear about the issues. He is a great resource on the environment and energy issues so desperately needed now!

He has supported moral and conservative issues boldly all his life.  As a Second Amendment advocate for over ten years, Nathan Miller stood before a Minnesota State House committee in St Paul in defense of our Second Amendment rights, reminding politicians of its real meaning. If you know someone who carries a firearm, thank them for volunteering to support our peace officers and helping deter crime.

Nathan’s courage and commitment is the start of a bold movement toward a better America for all of us.

Please join me in voting for Nathan Miller, Minnesota State Senate District 9, before or on August 9.

Duane Dornbusch,

Fergus Falls