To the Editor,

A week ago I read a letter entitled “Democracy has already gone.” She hit some nails on the head and gave us a break from all the Trump bashing. The election of 2016 changed the inner core of the democratic followers. Disappointment, anger and disillusionment evolved into pure hate directed at President Trump and anything associated with him. This hate has ruined friendships, torn apart families and divided a nation. It still exists today!

Even though I have voted on both sides of the aisle, my present choice is conservative or Republican. My large circle of friends includes both sides. My goal here is to focus on two friends and expose the deviation in personality and dispositions. Both friends have been lifelong Democrats and totally believe their party is for the working class, which has changed from years ago. Both use CNN as their major source of news and MSNBC and NBC as a backup. Both have total disdain for Trump. 

Friend number one would become hostile when someone mentioned the name, wore MAGA hat, or displayed a flag or sign. Hateful comments would follow. 

Friend number two would display dissension early on, however, she had a conservative son and sister. Friend two decided it would be fair to do research and then make her decision. She read books, watched FOX news and Newsmax, plus asked questions and listened to other views. She was on the fence. I never asked her what person she voted for. It was not my business, however, she was sure more pleasant to be around. My ties to friend number one has diminished- the hate still dominates this individual.

President Trump and his family have been the recipient of that hate for 4 ½ years. Few people are aware that Donald Trump donated his salary to charity. Ivanka Trump, advisor to the president, and her husband Jared Kushner, senior advisor to the president, also donated their salaries to charities. This family loved America and worked for the good of the people. This is a sharp contrast to the Biden family. ie Joe Biden, son Hunter, brother James, and sister Valerie. 

I would challenge anyone to do the research on their contribution to America—how their wealth was acquired. 

Democratic favored big tech companies block news and chatter controlling what its clients hears. 

Furthermore, the so-called fake news channels provide nonfactual, bias, opinionated news. America is losing its basic rights and civil liberties. God help us!

Jill Schafer,