Covid made the years 2020 and 2021 hard years with all of the restrictions and unknowns of the disease. Many events were cancelled or restricted. The New York Mills Senior Center was no exception to these issues. We maintained some of our monthly breakfasts but not much else was implemented for extra activities until only recently. Did we accomplish anything we often wondered.

In reviewing the statistics, we found we did an amazing job! In the year 2021, with the help of an excellent volunteer staff, the Meals on Wheels Program operated at the Senior Center every day Monday through Friday! 

We complied with the mandates of masks, sanitizer, and distancing during deliveries. In 2021 we delivered to the community and the surrounding area 8,497 meals! That’s an average of 708 meals a month! And we cannot thank our volunteers enough for their dedication! Without you, this would not have happened! Thank you!

On behalf of the NYMills Senior Center

Louise Amberg-Jokela

Karin Cooley