To the Editor,

I read a Letter to the Editor that caused me to question the writers call to vote Democrat. There were no facts documented, only drivel to my estimation. And yes, there was proven election fraud.

The so-called Trump carnage was a “booming economy.” The alleged criminality will never be proven, it didn’t exist!

Why would anyone vote Democrat when within less than a year, Trump’s booming economy has been destroyed by a Democrat induced inflation, canceled energy production, unlimited Federal debt and lot creditability with world leaders all resulting in a Biden’s Pandora Box.

Why would anyone vote Democrat to prolong a broken economy and nationwide lawlessness.

Les Ristinen,


Republican trouble in OT County

To the Editor,

Perhaps you have heard of the infighting in the Otter Tail County Republicans since the Caucus in February. Some of the leaders may have committed election fraud by adding to the delegates and alternates after caucus night. Only those who were voted delegates and alternates on caucus night are reported to the State by the deadline that night, after caucuses adjourn. So how is it that the Otter Tail County Republicans, and the Republicans from 17 other adjoining counties, have caucus rolls different than the certified results from late that night? Falsifying elected delegates and alternates is election fraud. When the fraud is then accepted by our congressional district and our Minnesota GOP, that is collusion, and most certainly corruption. The very people we should be able to go to in order to report this fraud within our own party, are complicit in allowing it to continue.

Part of the problem is that those false delegates and seated alternates were allowed to vote along with the real delegates and seated alternates in the endorsing convention. Therefore, Jordan Rasmusson was endorsed for Bill’s Senate seat in the first voting round. What were Jordan supporters so afraid of that they would encourage him to take part in such an insidious plan? I don’t personally know if Jordan himself participated in the fraud, but since then he has voted against doing a simple audit of the voters’ list each and every time it has been brought to a vote. This audit would be a process of comparing the list from caucus night to the list the leadership presented over two weeks later.

I am not the liar here. I am not delusional. I saw what I saw. I am surrounded by other witnesses. We have pictures. We have documentation. In my opinion, some of the leaders of the Otter Tail County Republicans committed election fraud. Then I get a letter in the mail from Jordan Rasmusson saying he fought for election integrity this past year. So who is truly delusional?

Tell me what you think about this, please. I think this act, and those who are insisting we not do an audit to make corrections, signals a corruption deeper and wider than we currently suspect. Eighteen adjoining counties, folks.

Marcia Huddleston